Our Approach

Qortel processes millions of calls to its clients applying machine technologies like intent, keyword spotting, sentiment and more.

When calls of concern are flagged by the machines, humans listen to key parts of the call and send a summary with all pertinent data the broker needs to follow up and deliver the best in customer service. With Qortel, you will never miss an important phone event.

Compiled of industry veterans and exclusive to only mortgage, Qortel is the industry standard for phone performance with mortgage brokers. Every phone call is an opportunity to get or keep a customer and the only way to increase sales, ongoing loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction is to focus on your caller’s experience.

Our Story

Qortel was born within a mortgage lead generation agency who set out to understand why a well targeted ad campaign didn’t result in more loan applications being taken by its client.

After listening to every call generated by the campaign, it was clear that the broker was missing more calls than they thought, missing qualified opportunities and mishandling customer inquiries and questions. Qortel was born.

Meet the Team

Holly Markel

Partner – CX
Holly is certified in Customer Experience Management (CEM), CX Strategy and Design, and is a veteran trainer for front-line to executive level employees. She’s been featured on ABC News Nightline, contributed to the Airport Revenue News (ARN) publication, presented for SHRM, ARN, the Tech Council of Maryland, and several local networking groups and events.

Michael Markette

Partner – Technology
Nearly 20 years ago Michael built a call tracking solution in the garage of his Seattle home and ‘who knew’ it has grown into multi faceted call analytics businesses leveraging machine learning. Building product still excites Michael and he is proudest of all the great employees he has worked with over the years. “As we grow we have become keenly aware of how we affect their lives. We believe focusing on employees first makes the happiest clients.” says Michael.

Next Steps…

“We saved 2 loans in the first week of service with Qortel. Nothing slips past their call monitoring and alerting service.” Roger Holstein

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